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Setup Instructions 

Setup Instruction 1.png

Firstly, find a quiet, comfortable place either sitting or lying down. Breath calmly and take a moment to relax before you start. 


  1. Close your eyes during the session 

  2. Use headphones for best results

  3. Set the screen brightness to max

  4. Screen distance depending on device 10-30 cm

  5. Be careful if you're sensitive to flickering light

Ideas for screen setup that both eyes are stimulated by the light:

Start gently if the light feels too intense the first time. Find the right balance of room and screen brightness or enjoy the sounds alone. Darkening the room and using less light can help. More details see FAQ.


Your safety is important to us!

Please do not use our sophisticated products if you are under 18 years, pregnant, subject to any form of seizures, epilepsy, are using a pacemaker, or taking stimulants. For more details, please read our MEDICAL DISCLAIMER

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