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Our Dream & Vision Our dream of BE LIGHT?

The mission of BE LIGHT is to help people balance their minds and emotions for a happy and healthy life. We started the BE LIGHT project already years ago without knowing it. We offered workshops and events around the world with our therapeutical light and sound brainwave systems and helped thousands of participants in hundreds of workshops to master their minds and grow beyond their limitations and conditionings. After years of first hand experiences, thousands of success stories, lots of requests and positive feedback from around the world, the idea was born to develop the first science-based, audio-visual app.


We wanted to make this powerful light and sound technology accessible for everyone. At the same time we also wanted to create a totally new and holistic approach by combining the best from modern science with the proven benefits of mediation and other ancient methods. The revolunatry BE LIGHT Method was born to lift meditation into the 21st century. An exciting and easy way to experience the benefits of meditation without the need to practice meditation, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness or mental fitness for years. Just 15 min. are enough to access deep and restorative states. With BE LIGHT you can find more bliss and motivation in work, life, and everything else.


Our story and vision in a nutshell.


Ivo, Ahilan, Pascal and Oliver started their self-development journeys years ago after working for a long time in the corporate world as scientists, consultants, producer and managers in leading positions in international companies. We studied the science of frequencies, dived deep into neuroscience, practiced breathwork, meditation, mindfulness & the science of yoga with international coaches and monks. Some of us traveled around the world to deepen our studies and others transformed their lifes inside the system. Our personal self-development processes were the starting point for the BE LIGHT project. We all changed our lives and felt the motivation to bring more awareness into the world by helping people tapping more into their intuition and unfolding their full potential. We developed the modern BE LIGHT Method with the four pillars - BE Open - BE Tuned - BE Transformed - BE-Long to empower more people and to start changing the world from inside. NO MEDITATION EXPERIENCE is needed with the BE LIGHT App to access powerful and restorative states bring more awareness into our daily lifes.

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